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How to make your own LADY GAGA Bubble Dress ?

15 Aug

Since Lady Gaga burst onto the music scene, she has become famous worldwide not only for her hit songs but also for being an avant garde fashion icon. One of her most talked about looks is a clear bubble dress that she has worn for several live performances and photographs. If you would like a unique costume that you can make from home, you can try making your very own Lady Gaga-inspired bubble dress.

here is the procedure on making bubble dress like lady gaga wore ……

Things You’ll Need

                                               1. Clear plastic Christmas ornaments or clear balloons

                                                                     2. Embroidery thread

                                                                      3. Hot glue gun

                                                                      4. Nude leotard or slip

                                                                       5. Blonde wig

                                                                       6. Fishnet stockings

                                                                       7. Makeup


  • 1

    Thread embroidery thread through the loop of the ornaments or the tie closure of a balloon. If the plastic ornaments are comprised of two pieces, secure the joint with a thin bead of clear hot glue.

  • 2

    Sew the ornament through a leotard or nude colored slip. Loop the thread through several times for extra security. Tie a knot to hold the thread in place.

  • 3

    Cover the entire leotard or slip in ornaments or balloons in random sizes. Lady Gaga’s dress featured bubbles that ranged in sizes. For example, some were larger on the shoulder straps or around the hem of the dress.

  • 4

    Pair the dress with a blonde wig and fishnet stockings. Wear exaggerated makeup for a truly glamorous Lady Gaga-inspired effect. For the eyes, surround the entire eye with black eyeliner. Accent with shadows in various gray and silver shades. Fake eyelashes will make for an even more dramatic effect. For the cheeks, dab blush on the cheeks working from the apples of the cheek outward. Wear a dark lipstick to complete the look.

Read more: How to Make a Lady Gaga Bubble Dress |

here is a video to make it easier if you don’t want to read

and if you can find stuff in your local store you make buy it from



Balloon dresses

13 Aug


These dresses are really made by balloons but these dresses looks so lovely so nice and so different ……….

The amazing part is that , that these are designer…….

Balloon Dresses - Victorias Secret

Balloon Dresses - Fashion Show

i know it got too long but there are many more dresses too , hope you liked it …..

but wait thats not all , BALLOON BIKINIS are also coming your way …

I suggest if you wear it , don’t forget to wear something under it because if some balloons bursts or someone plays a dirty prank with you , you can imagine what it will lead to or what concequences you’ll have to face…..:)) {bad joke}


13 Aug

Till now i think you might have come to know that i am an ANIMAL LOVER

and i have 2 dogs whom i love alot ❤ …..  and respect too :)……………….{whom modelling photos i’ll be posting soon}

Hence i thought to post this post about celebrities dogs :

you’ll love to know that It’s a dog’s life… and wow! From strutting the red carpet to eating out at expensive restaurants, these dogs owned by a head of state, music divas and even royalty are sometimes more famous than their celebrity owners.

They have fans following them on their personal websites and fashion labels inspired by them. To keep the mutts in the public eye, several celeb owners also regularly tweet about the lives of their pets.

I’ve put together a list of some of the world’s most famous dogs that have made headlines. Click here to find out about their high lives.

i enjoyed this hope you will too :

1. The Obamas – Bo

Referred to as “the first dog,” Portuguese Water Dog Bo was gifted to the President Barack Obama and his family by Senator Ted Kennedy in April 2009.

Bo belongs to a hypoallergenic breed and was specially chosen because of eldest daughter Malia Obama’s allergies. The President had promised his daughters a dog during his election campaign. Bo is valued at $1,600, according to the President’s financial disclosure forms last year.

Four children’s’ books featuring Bo have already been published and he’s even traveled to Hawaii in December he went on vacation with America’s First Family.

Top 10 Most Famous Celebrity Dogs

3. Paris Hilton – Tinkerbell

Socialite Paris Hilton’s Teacup Chihuahua Tinkerbell has appeared in all five seasons of her reality TV show The Simple Life, often dressed in designer chic to mirror the heiress’ appearance.

A parody on Tinkerbell’s life titled “The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries: My Life Tailing Paris Hilton” was released in 2004 by writer D. Resin. She also made headlines that year when she went missing for six days after Hilton’s house was burglarized. Hilton offered a $5,000 reward for the dog’s return. Details of Tinkerbell’s return were not publicized.

Hilton created a clothing line called Little Lily in 2007, which she said was inspired by dressing her 17 dogs.

4. The Queen’s Corgis – Susan

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has owned over 30 Corgis since her father, King George VI, brought home the first royal Corgis, Dookie and Jane in 1933.

In 1944, when Elizabeth was 18, she was given a Corgi named Susan, from which several offspring were bred. However, in 2009, it was reported that the Queen would no longer breed dogs after two of her pets died. Currently, the Queen has four Corgis named Linnet, Monty, Willow and Holly and three Dorgis named Cider, Candy and Vulcan. A Dorgi is a crossbreed between a Dachshund and a Corgi.

The Queen’s Corgis have their own “Corgi Room” and their daily menu varies from chuck steak to poached chicken or rabbit.

To celebrate Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, cake designer Michelle Wibowo created a giant Corgi cake, setting a Guinness World Record for the largest dog-shaped cake at four feet high and weighing about 150 pounds.

Top 10 Most Famous Celebrity Dogs

5. Britney Spears – Bit Bit

Britney Spears’ Chihuahua Bit Bit shot to fame in 2004 when the singer hit the red carpet at an awards show with the tiny dog wearing a $100,000 diamond-encrusted collar.

In those days Spears led the trend of owning “accessory dogs.” She dressed up Bit Bit in faux mink coats, and the dog had a “princess bed” to sleep on. Despite, all this pampering, Spears was named the worst celebrity dog owner of the year in a 2006 magazine poll for treating her dogs like accessories.

That was followed by some highly publicized, erratic behavior in 2007 when the pop star reportedly let her new Yorkshire terrier puppy poop on a $6,700 Zac Posen dress during a photo shoot.

6. Oprah Winfrey – Sophie

Oprah Winfrey has often used her talk show to highlight the plight of homeless and abused animals. When her pet of 13 years, Cocker Spaniel Sophie (pictured) died in March 2008, she paid her an emotional tribute on the show, saying the dog was her true love and made her a kinder, gentler person.

Oprah often puts out updates on the health of her dogs on her website. Last year on her 56th birthday, the talk show queen bought herself two 14-week-old Springer Spaniels named Sunny and Lauren.

7. Elton John – Arthur

Elton John reportedly owns over 20 dogs including border terriers, an Irish wolfhound, a Labrador, German shepherds and Spaniels.

The singer is often seen on the red carpet with his Cocker Spaniel Arthur (pictured). The dog was reportedly the best man at the Elton John’s 2005 wedding to filmmaker David Furnish.

The couple owns three other American Cocker Spaniels including Marilyn, who is Arthur’s “wife” and their daughter Isobella. Arthur also made a guest appearance in the singer’s 2006 album The Captain and the Kid and is mentioned in the album credit as Arthur: woof-bells .

8. Jessica Simpson – Daisy

Jessica Simpson’s dog, five-year-old Daisy, made headlines in 2009 when the singer said the Maltese poodle (Maltipoo) had been snatched by a coyote in L.A.

Nick Lachey, her husband at the time, gave Simpson the dog in 2004. Daisy appeared on the former couple’s reality TV show Newlywedsand was often photographed being ferried around in a Louis Vuitton dog carrier. The dog has even appeared on-stage during Simpson’s concerts.

The singer has recently spoken about being a “new mom” to fiance Eric Johnson’s Airedale terrier Bentley.

Top 10 Most Famous Celebrity Dogs

9. Mariah Carey – Jack

Mariah Carey has four Jack Russell terriers.

The oldest named Jack (pictured) was a gift from Carey’s ex-husband and record executive Tommy Mottola. Jack has made many cameo appearances in Carey’s music videos such asDreamlover and All I want for Christmas is you . He also appeared in the movie Glitter and has three fan websites dedicated to him.

In 2005, Jack was prevented from flying in first class with Carey because of his size. In March of this year reports surfaced that Carey had put all her dogs in therapy to help prepare them for the birth of her twins

10. Williams Sisters Dogs

Tennis sister duo Venus and Serena Williams bring their dogs to the court after they win a match and are often seen in the stands with their dogs while they watch each other play.

Venus has a pair of Cavalier King Charles spaniels and a Havanese, while Serena has a Jack Russell terrier and a Maltese.

In 2007, after winning the U.S. Open for the first time, Serena said she splurged and bought a Jack Russell terrier named Jackie from a pet store in New York. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey Serena said, “I don’t know which was a better souvenir, the title or Jackie.”

Top 10 Most Famous Celebrity Dogs

11. Jessica Alba – Sid and Nancy

Jessica Alba is often photographed dining, shopping and walking the streets with her two pugs named Sid and Nancy. She also has a rescued American bulldog, Bowie, whom she named after musician David Bowie.

An avid animal lover, the actress came under fire in 2009 after photos surfaced of her plastering posters of a great white shark across several locations in Oklahoma City to bring awareness to the shark’s dwindling population. Alba later apologized to the city for the vandalism and wasn’t charged in the case.

For the comfort of her dogs, Alba hired a designer to create a special room for her pets, which includes a lawn made from synthetic material.

10 Beautiful Things Made of CHOCOLATE

13 Aug

1. Incredible Chocolate Creations

Ever wonder what life would be like if you lived in Willy Wonka’s world? Think chocolate rooms, clothing and even a car.

We did, so we scoured the globe to find some of the most amazing things made of chocolate. What we found were some chocolate makers who let their imaginations run wild, creating some truly unique edible objects that may surprise you. And you don’t have to be a chocoholic to appreciate these finer things in life.

At left: The German bakery group Lambertz created this full chocolate dress in 2010 for its annual Monday Night Party in Cologne. The creation was one of more than a hundred fashion pieces celebrating chocolate.

Click ahead to see other amazing objects made of chocolate, as well as things that look like chocolate.

2. Room

Made of chocolate from floor to ceiling, this 183-square-foot “Chocolate Room” made shoppers drool when they encountered it at a shopping center in Lithuania. Seven artists used 611 pounds of chocolate to create the walls and decor, which was on display for Valentine’s Day. And while those passing by may have been tempted, they weren’t allowed to taste it.

3. Car

This delicious-looking BMW was just one of many hunger-inducing attractions at the 2010 World Chocolate Wonderland in Beijing, China. Up to 80 tons of chocolate were used in making the displays, which also included a 33 foot long replica of the Great Wall and a mini-army of 650 chocolate replicas of the famous Terracotta Warriors.

4. Mailbox

This oversized mailbox is made entirely of Godiva chocolate and is adorned with hearts made of white chocolate truffles. It was created for Godiva’s Valentine’s Day celebration earlier this year at its Fifth Avenue flagship boutique in New York City.

The store paid homage to the romance of the love letter by transforming itself into a chocolate pop-up experience that included the mailbox, a desk and bookshelf recreated in chocolate. Godiva even stamped and mailed customer’s love letters for free in the three weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

5. Shoes

These shoes are the perfect gift for the chocoholic with a shoe obsession. They are the brainchild of chocolatier Phil Neal of the luxury West London chocolate shop, Theobroma Cacao, who wanted to combine two of women’s favorite things — chocolate and shoes.

The edible shoes are part of Theobroma Cacao’s Erotique collection and are hand-crafted from Venezuelan chocolate. They even come presented in a pink “shoebox” and are popular gifts for brides from her friends. If you are looking for something racier, check out the rest of the collection, which includes chocolate reproductions of the human form.

6. Chess Set

This chess set is made of solid milk and dark chocolate. So when you capture the castle you can eat it, too. Houston-based Kegg’s Candies makes each set by hand, using its own blend of chocolates, and each piece is individually molded. The set sells for $39.95.

7. Sofa

What better way for a chocolate company to launch its reading campaign than to have an actress lounging on a sofa made of chocolate? That’s exactly what Mars’ Galaxy brand did for its 2009 “Irresistible Reads” initiative. It called in British television actress Emilia Fox to pose on a couch made of Galaxy chocolate at Victoria Embankment Gardens in London. Now that’s a sofa you can melt into!

8. Hotel Suite and Model

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld turned his attention from high fashion to haute chocolate when he designed this eye-popping creation. And if the chocolate man lounging on the chocolate bed looks familiar, that’s because it was crafted in the likeness of Lagerfeld’s muse, model Baptiste Giabiconi.

It was all part of a chocolate hotel suite the fashion icon designed as part of his collaboration with Magnum ice cream. Chocolatier and chocolate sculptor Patrick Roger used over 11 tons of Belgian chocolate to bring Giabiconi’s chocolate clone and the rest of the suite to life.

9. Sculpture

This work of art was created by Shigeo Hirai of Japan for the World Chocolate Masters competition in 2009. Hirai competed with 18 other national chocolate masters before taking home the first place price. The theme of the event, which took place in Paris, was haute couture. Hirai used just over 33 pounds of Barry Callebaut chocolate to create his award-winning masterpiece.

10. Castle

This 1,500-pound chocolate castle is the main attraction at Sarris Candies, located in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. It took a crew of five people over two months to hand craft this chocolate concoction. Look closely and you’ll see mini-pretzels, candy sprinkles and other sweets adorning the structure. Unfortunately, visitors can’t take a taste. The castle was built to last for years, with decorations changed seasonally.

{source : CNBC.COM }


13 Aug

lion and PilishenkoUkraine

Zaporozhye region

city ​​Vasilevka

Under the patronage of the Foundation “Bald Mountain” and with the participation of the President of the fundanimal artist Alexander Pylyshenko.

Carried out an unprecedented campaign designed to draw people’s attention on the conservation of rare andendangered species.

For 35 days, A. Pylyshenko will live and work in the samecage with lions. The paintings, he wrote at this time will be realized and the funds from the collection will be aimed atbuilding a zoo.

     I hope that spirit and optimism with which I approach this project, will be understood and supported by the people for whom life-saving rare species of animals is not an empty sound. I hope for your support and moral and financial.Only together we can give our children this wonderful world of wildlife.

Sincerely president of Foundation “Bald Mountain” Alexander Pylyshenko.

I hope he’ll gets excellent amount of funds ………………………….<3

I appreciate the good work

13 Aug

I saw this on yahoo news and i loved it , hence i though i should make a post too………

as i love animals , i love and respect animal lovers too

something related i saw and i wanted you too to see it , if you din’t saw it earlier { here are some photos and description}

Zoo owner and artist Aleksandr Pylyshenko kisses female African lion Katya inside a cage with at a private zoo situated in his yard in the city of Vasilyevka, southeastern Ukraine August 3, 2011. Pylyshenko decided to spend five weeks in a cage with a pair of African lions, Katya and Samson, to get money for improving the lions’ living conditions, according to local media. He is broadcasting it on internet to attract the public’s attention to plight of wild animals in private Ukrainian zoos, which do not get enough fundings. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich .

Zoo owner Pylyshenko kisses female African lion Katya inside a cage at a private zoo situated in his yard in Vasilyevka


Zoo owner Pylyshenko looks on inside a cage with female African lion Katya at a private zoo situated in his yard in Vasilyevka

Zoo owner Pylyshenko strokes female African lion Katya inside a cage at a private zoo situated in his yard in Vasilyevka

Zoo owner Pylyshenko looks on inside a cage with female African lion Katya at a private zoo situated in his yard in Vasilyevka

Zoo owner Pylyshenko paints inside a cage with female African lion Katya at a private zoo situated in his yard in Vasilyevka

Zoo owner Pylyshenko strokes female African lion Katya inside a cage at a private zoo situated in his yard in Vasilyevka

Zoo owner Pylyshenko sits inside a cage with female African lion Katya at a private zoo situated in his yard in Ukraine

Zoo owner Pylyshenko paints inside a cage with female African lion Katya at a private zoo situated in his yard in Vasilyevka

Zoo owner Pylyshenko lies next to female African lion Katya inside a cage at a private zoo situated in his yard in Vasilyevka

I believe everyone should help animals to their best extend as they too are living 🙂

and don’t forget they look lovely ,

they are honest and loyal

they love you without expecting anything much more than love in return

love them , help them , respect them as they are better than human beings …………

( thats just what i feel , i am not forcing you to feel the same but if you can’t help them or love them please don’t hurt them)

remember they will never hurt you , until and unless you hurt them or are willing to hurt them ( or their owners )

They love you unconditionally hence you too should …………. ❤

New posts ………………..

2 Aug

Sorry for no new posts lately as i was a little busy ,
but i’ll soon be posting a couple of posts which will include :
haul/review , how to’s &  many more……………..

please visit again to check them out 🙂

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