13 Aug

lion and PilishenkoUkraine

Zaporozhye region

city ​​Vasilevka

Under the patronage of the Foundation “Bald Mountain” and with the participation of the President of the fundanimal artist Alexander Pylyshenko.

Carried out an unprecedented campaign designed to draw people’s attention on the conservation of rare andendangered species.

For 35 days, A. Pylyshenko will live and work in the samecage with lions. The paintings, he wrote at this time will be realized and the funds from the collection will be aimed atbuilding a zoo.

     I hope that spirit and optimism with which I approach this project, will be understood and supported by the people for whom life-saving rare species of animals is not an empty sound. I hope for your support and moral and financial.Only together we can give our children this wonderful world of wildlife.

Sincerely president of Foundation “Bald Mountain” Alexander Pylyshenko.

I hope he’ll gets excellent amount of funds ………………………….<3


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