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Happy International Women’s Day 2014 <3

8 Mar

Its a day to celebrate one of the greatest creation of GOD i.e: “Woman ”

Woman – who makes one’s life complete and is full of Emotions

The first thing I saw on this Women’s Day was Google’s International Women’s Day 2014 Doodle and I will have to say it was worth watching , I loved it one video wishing women’s day in so many languages

Life without Woman is incomplete , she provides endless LOVE ………..

It doesn’t matter if a woman is a human or an animal she is very powerful and full of love to spread.

She is the one who thinks about others before herself – A Mother , she is the first person each and every person meets when comes upon earth

A women is incredibly powerful , she have strength and courage . Woman is one who is selfless when it comes to love , Women is protective , she owes a full day 24×7 job with no holidays because of her caring nature .

A woman is kind , she’s Pretty not only physically but more beautiful on the inside

Woman have an Allure , a special charm and is full of Goodness.

A woman comprises of everything in the world , the only thing is that one needs to realize that .

Fact: every person men or women are all firstly females during the stages of development of an embryo.

Here are some Wonderful and Surprising FACTS about , I suggest you must check those out

each woman is powerful , if she doesn’t punish someone means she’s giving a change to get better to someone or to do another mistake so that a double-some of bad to that someone can compensate it and teach a lesson.

Each and every woman is Super Woman

Each and every woman is Good

The only thing is that one{woman} needs to realize that and let that come out…….

and I feel A woman is there in everyone 🙂 male or female , its not only a sex its a Quality .

Let’s decide to be powerful , the best and only Good

Let’s do good , the right and only the correct because remember WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND

I wish everyone A very Happy Women’s Day  , Lets all become Better ……….

This Song dedicated to you On this Women’s Day

Love , Like , Share

Thankyou & Lots of Love

-SSK 🙂 ❤