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24 Nov

“Its TIME to SHINE “

Currently in Trends & as well as for the year2016 , which is around the corner. Be prepared & all ready for the Future Gorgeous , in style & High Fashion.

Enjoy YOUR trendy Tuesdays


Who in this world doesn’t love Bling ?

Good news BLING is Back. Oversized jewelry with minimal Designs have left & now its Time to shine. Welcome sparkly Feminine Accessories . My Favorite Big , Huge , Bold earring are everywhere . As I Described in my Posts all the time earrings can Transform the whole look of a woman.



Merge of Warm + Comfort + solid Heel = Lovely Fashion Comfortable

Comfort meets Fashion, its Time for Comfort to Shine. Now designers are Telling that a sky high heel is not the only shoe that can make an outfit look cool. Loafers ? NA Lady Loafers 😉

Lovely spacious covered comfortable with added heights , who doesn’t love that ?

Say hello to the stacked kitten heel. Her stiletto cousin was made famous by Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent and for the past few seasons that's been the shoe to have, but now it is comfort's time to shine. This season, designers are proving that a sky high heel is not the only shoe that can make an outfit cool.


Higherrrrr GET Higher  , I wanna be 🙂

Get Higher , I mean both ways . Higher inside  out . out ? Higher waist

Makes Your legs look lean & long along with added bonus of Teeny Tiny appearance of the mid-section. Let Your Waist go higher , way higher the belly button for an appealing slimming & sassy look .


Yes its Short Short Skirt. So from now on don’t be short on Short skirts.

Designers havebeen seen embracing Youthful flattering raied hemline & contributing to the Power of a mini skirt .



Runway Spottd this year – No Hands , No we have hands but still No Hands ?

Perfect for our Stylish High Fashion Winters which will keep us warm too without spending over a dozen of gloves :))

Many people like their sleeves to fall past their hands , but now sought of same was showcased on runway for Year2015.It might hinder You from doing few things freely which require your hands but who cares ? added benefit it makes Your arms appear longer by exaturating the line.


Show Shoulder Off

Showing of a shoulder, A single arm , A shoulder missing & many Asymmetrical shoulders were spotted on runway. now its time to get some way for the new a shoulder runway look.


SCARFs – one can not go wrong with this!

Skinny is in.Nah I am not talking about the skinny body rather this time its Skinny Scarf & for men its Skinny scarf tie. Looks as good as it sounds – Delicate & over flowing, ah just fabulously feminine.

Its a must have accessory this seasons , best of all it can be worn with everything till anything with casual sweater , A gown or maybe even a formal suit. Your choice , Your look , Your Style – YOU Rock.



Plaid is Laid all over Runway

there havebeen many prints & Patterns spotted on runway for the comming seasons but Plaid was quite the most common one , specially the red plaid. Watch out ladies for the plaid because You might be laid onto this .


Extreme HIGH Boots

Don’t be cold to show some Fashion. Fashion in 2016 is getting hotter & Warmer at thee same time , so enjoy winters in warm high Fashion. Designers showcased super high boots in their collection . by super high I mean literally super high , sometimes mistaken to be pants :)). Wear it alone , Wear it underneath , wear it the way YOU like .


Stalking Stockings

In other words Tights . I love Tights :). Get the legs some covering , the runway showcased a huge amount of tights in a very impressive matter, enough to sweep you in the stockings world . You have choice of colours , textures , or jeweled ones . which one would You choose ?

Ruffles , High collars , Lace – what not ? All the goodness is coming back our  way 🙂 There are so many more to include but I feel then the post will become endless :))

Love, Like , Share , Subscribe

ThankYOU for taking time to read

Lots of Love

– SSK ❤



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