Just A LIKE ?

20 Feb

“Whats nothing for someone , could be to much for someone else”

Just a Like is Not just a Like for the person who’s Post you might be liking or might not be liking assuming It doesn’t matter. Okay a single like might won’t be able to make much of a difference on a huge web platform but together it can . Anyways , did You knew your single Like can make someone SMILE 🙂 . yes it does make a the presenter Smile & feel proud & motivated at the same time. It encourages a person to do better .

Your LIKE matters 🙂

I din’t even used to believe in this power of making others feel better with just a click . Today I accept that earlier I too used to read blogs & watch vlogs but din’t used to like or subscribe them think why would it matter {even when i loved what I read/watched}. but sooner or later when I started to blog & few you guys subscribed , liked & commented on my posts – That was the time I realised the VALUE of YOU.

You are POWERFUL , don’t underestimate your Power.

I would request everyone to like or subscribe to people & posts you liked reading or one which YOU found useful. It means alot for the Blogger & Vlogger.

#Encourage Goodness 🙂

Love, Like , Share

Thankyou for taking time out to read what I had to say

Love You guys 🙂


*I wrote this post on behaf of all the Bloggers & Vloggers. I am not only encouraging You to spread the magic your your one touch for My Blog but also for each n every Blog/Vlog YOU love .

& rememberWhat goes around Comes around

Reply/Suggestions PLEASE :)

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