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Exceptional & Power Packed

22 Apr

Today , I’ll keep it very Short & Simple but rather so damn POWERFUL !

Keep in mind this quote & feel the difference in the way YOU’ll behave …………

Your mind will waste no more time after this , it will feel happier working 🙂

*..” What I do Today is Important because I am paying a Day of MY LIFE for it  “..*


Just keep in mind it should be worth for yourself/ thyself , for the others – everyone .

{new posts coming soon , till then keep it Uplifted Guys }


Lots of Love ❤

Keep smiling Spread Smiles

love , like , share – spread the goodness because what goes around comes around



Spread SMILE & Happiness

1 Apr

Last month was Charlie Chaplin’s Birthday & today is 1st of April – A day to make LAUGHTER happen even louder & Smiles get even Wider .

People don’t even take praises & compliments seriously today , LOL :)). Its said its the best day to propose a girl , in case if she says YES {you’re Lucky } & in case she says NO – embarrass her :)) , “I was Joking :))” because its April FOOLS Day .

Happy April Fools Day

“spread smiles , laughter & happiness all around & inside thyself “

Charlie Chaplin – a person who doesn’t need any introduction , everybody around the globe knows him for his contributions…….

A man who made people laugh without saying a single word with his mouth .

Salute to Mr.Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin told the audience a wonderful joke and all the people started laughing…

Chaplin repeated the same joke and only few people laughed..????

He again repeated the same joke but this time no one laughed…??????

Then he told these beautiful lines…;

” when you cannot laugh on the same joke again and again…
then why do you cry  again and again on the same worry”

So enjoy your every moment of life..!!
Life is beautiful??????
Today is Charlie Chaplin’s 125th birthday – a good day to recollect his 3 heart-touching statements:-

(1) Nothing  permanent in this world, not even our troubles.

(2) I like walking in the rain, because nobody can see my tears.

(3) The most wasted day in life is the day in which we have not laughed.

Keep smiling and SHARE this post with everyone whom you want to see smiling…

Its now official its good for heath not to be Straight.

“Smile is a Curve that sets everything STRAIGHT”

Thankyou for taking time out & reading this post

lots of love ❤


Just A LIKE ?

20 Feb

“Whats nothing for someone , could be to much for someone else”

Just a Like is Not just a Like for the person who’s Post you might be liking or might not be liking assuming It doesn’t matter. Okay a single like might won’t be able to make much of a difference on a huge web platform but together it can . Anyways , did You knew your single Like can make someone SMILE 🙂 . yes it does make a the presenter Smile & feel proud & motivated at the same time. It encourages a person to do better .

Your LIKE matters 🙂

I din’t even used to believe in this power of making others feel better with just a click . Today I accept that earlier I too used to read blogs & watch vlogs but din’t used to like or subscribe them think why would it matter {even when i loved what I read/watched}. but sooner or later when I started to blog & few you guys subscribed , liked & commented on my posts – That was the time I realised the VALUE of YOU.

You are POWERFUL , don’t underestimate your Power.

I would request everyone to like or subscribe to people & posts you liked reading or one which YOU found useful. It means alot for the Blogger & Vlogger.

#Encourage Goodness 🙂

Love, Like , Share

Thankyou for taking time out to read what I had to say

Love You guys 🙂


*I wrote this post on behaf of all the Bloggers & Vloggers. I am not only encouraging You to spread the magic your your one touch for My Blog but also for each n every Blog/Vlog YOU love .

& rememberWhat goes around Comes around