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Merry Christmas

25 Dec

Happy Birthday to JESUS



Shake up the Happiness, Santa Is coming to Town. Its the beautiful time of the year.

Its time that all the WISHES come TRUE , Beautiful Magic is spreading even faster – spreading more HAPPINESS, Its CELEBRATION time , its Time for NEW resolutions , its time to start strong – Celebrations begin. Its the time when even more GOODNESS Surrounds :). Be ready to Shine Bright & spread light , making Yourself the Attention seeker but spreading the light around you in the other’s life aswell.

Be Inspired & INSPIRE , MOTIVATE & Be motivated – “what goes around comes around”.

 Hear the RainDeers coming………..

Promise SANTA that You’ll be GOOD this year & spread Goodness around – So that he delivers Your Gifts & fulfill Our requirements :))

Love & Joy is in the air…….

STYLE TIP:  Wear whatever & How ever You like because its celebration time & when one is HAPPY & JOYFUL on inside it automatically makes one look good , impressive & attractive to others.I know YOU’LL LOOK GOOD in whatever YOU’LL WEAR.  People love to dress in red , green & white – try  choosing GOLDen this season.


Love, Like ,Share

-SSK ❤


CHRISTMAS’s Smart Shopper*

17 Dec

Its time for Celebration , 🙂 Its time for Christmasssss…………..

The year’s last month & a few days left to Welcome a even more better Year “2015”   🙂

But before that its Christmas Time.


Stocking fillers , Presents , Gifts , Surprises & all Good stuff .

But its not one way , its Accepting and Aswell as Presenting Gifts – Exchanging Presents & Spreading Happiness , lots and lots of it 🙂

but when it comes to gifts for oneself or for others , We want more of everything & not to forget Best of everything. But sometimes “it gets A bit Pricey on pocket , especially when it comes to latest stuff ” – Thats what You might be thinking , Right Buddies ?

My answer is NO thats not true , You can buy the best the latest , most expensive but still wont feel like when You follow these little Tips and Tricks of Smart Shopper as Follows 🙂

  • Look for offers at Your favorite store {its not only celebration season but also Offers seasons}. Offers & Discounts offered by brands , malls and online shopping stores are not same all vary. And I am sure you’ll find one that abides to your wish & will make You fell like its custom made for You and only YOU . Some brands offer different offers on Daily basis i.e after ever 24 hours for next 24 or so , some malls offer different schemes and let me tell You a sectert that many of the online stores that have mix of brands offer special offers when you chat & ask for those from them.
  • Focus on buying lots of stuff from a same store as many brands have a shopping limit set for buyers above which they receive a free gift and A huge kind of Expensive one. Even when You buy more You save More.
  • There are many like  I mean MANY of sweetstakes running at this time of season , so you might try Your Luck if You would like :D. I really feel one must give those a try as they really give out huge stuff.
  • Its time to say Good bye to a Year so there are few {actually more than few} Sales aswell going on around the corner to attract more Buyers , so look for that.
  • Now a days there are many stores those sell at Wholesale Prices so You might want to consider that aswell.


Of all I am here for You If You would like some help in finding some good offers for the stuff that you want to buy or just simply require a Secret Code , You may ask Me Buddy  & thats my Gift for my Beautiful Loyal Blog Visitors and Readers 🙂 or may be help in knowing the Best Sweepstakes running right now.I’ll be Happy to Help.

Hope You like the Post and that its been of some help to You Guys .

More interesting posts coming Next Week .

Thanks for Visiting and Spending Your Valueable Time reading My Blog.

Have a Great Shopping Time.

Love , Like , Share – ENJOY

SSK ❤ 🙂