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Exceptional & Power Packed

22 Apr

Today , I’ll keep it very Short & Simple but rather so damn POWERFUL !

Keep in mind this quote & feel the difference in the way YOU’ll behave …………

Your mind will waste no more time after this , it will feel happier working 🙂

*..” What I do Today is Important because I am paying a Day of MY LIFE for it  “..*


Just keep in mind it should be worth for yourself/ thyself , for the others – everyone .

{new posts coming soon , till then keep it Uplifted Guys }


Lots of Love ❤

Keep smiling Spread Smiles

love , like , share – spread the goodness because what goes around comes around



Spread SMILE & Happiness

1 Apr

Last month was Charlie Chaplin’s Birthday & today is 1st of April – A day to make LAUGHTER happen even louder & Smiles get even Wider .

People don’t even take praises & compliments seriously today , LOL :)). Its said its the best day to propose a girl , in case if she says YES {you’re Lucky } & in case she says NO – embarrass her :)) , “I was Joking :))” because its April FOOLS Day .

Happy April Fools Day

“spread smiles , laughter & happiness all around & inside thyself “

Charlie Chaplin – a person who doesn’t need any introduction , everybody around the globe knows him for his contributions…….

A man who made people laugh without saying a single word with his mouth .

Salute to Mr.Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin told the audience a wonderful joke and all the people started laughing…

Chaplin repeated the same joke and only few people laughed..????

He again repeated the same joke but this time no one laughed…??????

Then he told these beautiful lines…;

” when you cannot laugh on the same joke again and again…
then why do you cry  again and again on the same worry”

So enjoy your every moment of life..!!
Life is beautiful??????
Today is Charlie Chaplin’s 125th birthday – a good day to recollect his 3 heart-touching statements:-

(1) Nothing  permanent in this world, not even our troubles.

(2) I like walking in the rain, because nobody can see my tears.

(3) The most wasted day in life is the day in which we have not laughed.

Keep smiling and SHARE this post with everyone whom you want to see smiling…

Its now official its good for heath not to be Straight.

“Smile is a Curve that sets everything STRAIGHT”

Thankyou for taking time out & reading this post

lots of love ❤


Dragons Loyalty AWARDdddddddddddd…………

5 Feb

YES its an AWARD and Hence its Gratitude Paying Time 🙂

{Before saying anything else I would like to thank the UNIVERSE for giving me this …….}

I am so Happy and feel Elated on receiving my first Follower’s WordPress Award that too from My First WordPress Friend that I had made when I came here and its “DapperDolly” –

I think you should check her Blog :)…..

And I din’t knew anything about this Award when I received it but after checking dapperdolly’s  – blog post addressing everything about award , that was when I understood the true meaning of this award, you too should check her post to find out what this award is really about , as she explained it in full detail :)) actually alot & alot of details.



its an award which is awarded to loyal blog followers and commentators in the other words awarded to people out there who help in make a blogger’s blog much better and at the same time Motivates them to do even better .

Its a way of paying respect to them in my words 🙂

I would rather call them friends than followers and I really love my/the friends who help me get better and inspire me to do more with their comments , advice and appreciations .

I really value all of them and today I THANK each and every person who told me their views & comments , commented and also appreciated me when I did good 🙂

so who so ever receives this award has to follow the following procedure in other words WP kingdom rules [as my presenter said:))] {if they accept the award :)} :-

  • Display the Award Certificate on your website
  • Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

So this one is going to be a little hard one THE 7 FACTS ABOUT ME 🙂

  1. I am not one who Appreciates publicly herself and so I think you guys may imagine how hard it would havebeen for me to go through this step :)) .
  2.  This my first wordpress award and I am really thankful for it .
  3. I excessively love and respect all the animals , all of them. I feel they teach us enormous number of things and also helps us notice the things that we humans overlook and take for granted .
  4. I don’t think any of my visitors would be knowing this or not but , I announce it today – and thats , that I started this blog only as a part of some contest where the contestants had to fulfill certain requirements and having a blog was one of those requirements , and the funny part at that time I din’t even knew what blogging was :)) .
  5. I don’t know if anyone would believe this or not but I left all packed foods i.e: chips , packed juices , carbonated / soft drinks , maggi , etc . for almost a year.
  6. I  have a big room full of McDonald’s happy meal Toys :)).and I love to collect Minis i.e:: products that are small really small in size but are replica of their own regular size products .
  7. I really don’t feel proud of this but I wasted two Bags full of World’s Most Expensive Swiss chocolates .


I believe the visitors and the followers really contributes to a blogger’s blog and posts as they are the one specially for whom the posts are made and are also the one who helps in making each better than the previous one And Now its time to forward this award to the beautiful people who love me 🙂 and I love giving 🙂

  • BabaJ

He is the one who always visits my blog read my every blog post and always inspires me to do great work , Thankyou 🙂

  • SantSewakSingh

he is my besti and he always pushes me to write regular good blog posts , Thankyou Sant :).

she is a really good friend of mine on wordpress , who always welcomes my blog posts , Thankyou Dolly.

  • GlennMoon

he is one who always appriciate my Blog Posts , Thankyou GlennMoon.

  • GurRam

You know how you contribute to my posts , Thankyou GurRam.

  • Natasha

when she visited my blog for the first time she commented under a post saying that the post helped her alot and I really appreciate a thing about her that she said she’ll be giving back and as I helped her she would further like to help others aswell – Thats a great attitude i’ll have to say , Thankyou Natasha.

  • Brenton Jared

knowing his views about my blog and my posts really encouraged me to write even better 🙂 as its always really  nice to be doing a thing that others are waiting for , Thankyou Brenton.

  • Zandra Maria

she gave me beautiful advice so that my blog could get what it desirves , Thankyou Maria.

  • Mercy

one who’s a great great person and helps me also become great ,  Thankyou Mercy.

I love my Followers and visitors as they are really the reason behind my every posts , I adore you Thankyou

I thank each and every visitor who ever visited my blog and encouraged me to do even better , each and every one who inspired me to write my post and also whom I might have forgot to mention in the list above , THANKYOU – Thankyou So Much.

Love , Like , Share

SSK ❤ 🙂