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Prada Style Tip 2016

21 Nov

Happy STYLE Saturday Stylish 😉

How to Dress? is a questions left to one’s individual choice & individuality. Its Simply the way one likes it to be. I love Formal wear – specifically Blazers , Coats & stuff . when it comes to Choosing how to look good in in a suit , it divides into many small little details that matters. Today in this post I’ll try and help You in making it easier to wear a Suit & look amazingly diffent , modern , impactful & manymore.

Oviously You must be having a great sense of good styling & great choice & thats why You choose to read this Post over overs :). Everything around gives great amount of inspiration but Matters is the way One looks at SOMETHING. When looking for inspirations look  around You & you’l find plenty of them. Let me tell You a SECRET only a type of collection can teach you the way you like. For instance Today we’ll be choosing to Dress in a “SUIT” & Prada’s 2016 collection , You might use the same for maybe how to dress to Party. Many of Beautiful Creations comes from Prada. Its one of my designer brands I like. Prada is an Italian Luxury Fashion Brand, specializing in ready-to-wear leather and fashion accessories, shoes, luggage, perfumes, watches , etc.


1. Powerful SUIT

Boxy are everywhere on Runway – boxy jackets , suits, dress ,etc. Suits are Powerful. Boxy doesn’t always mean boring. An overall picture makes it look perfect –  the way one wears it , the Textures , Graphics , The slits & oviously the ATTITUDE one carries with it .

Here is a Boxy Suit from Muiccia PRADA . Upper hits over the hips & skirts till the knees.

2.  Heels for Flats ?

PRADA leaves that upto Your choice if You want to wear Heels or Flats. Many of must have heels were spotted at the runway but Fancy Flats were also spotted {a breath of Happiness for extreme tall people & for the one who want to rest their feet from the height of Heels }.Strap tying over the ankle finished with a big shiny silver ball at the toe.

3. The new GOLD Lip

The new trend spotted on the Runway 2016 was Golden Lip , Try it for Yourself may be this Bold Gold lip leads to A Golden KISS. This trend might not be one to be worn at a Professional meeting but it was enough to catch everyone’s attention atleast. Anyways my one of a Favorite colour is actually Golden :).

This look was an creative art of Makeup Artist pat Mcgrath.

4. Prints & Layers exaggerating Simple

Prada kept Silhouette of Suits Fairly Simple but Piled it will layers of Prints & Textures including  stripes, delicate paillettes , Tweeds , Shimmer, etc – Along with HoneyComb lace over the neck.

5. Bold Statement Earrings

My favorite :), I simply love Statement earings . A go to thing to make any outfit look outstanding & to frame ones Face . Earrings are actually capable to transform face & with time people become experts at this art of wearing Transformation accessory   {let me know if anyone wants a Single whole detailed Post about that?}. Prada din’t let anyone down , as it show cased a Range of statement earrings , as always.



“. Be Subtle But NO less than Masterful .”

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Happy International Women’s Day 2014 <3

8 Mar

Its a day to celebrate one of the greatest creation of GOD i.e: “Woman ”

Woman – who makes one’s life complete and is full of Emotions

The first thing I saw on this Women’s Day was Google’s International Women’s Day 2014 Doodle and I will have to say it was worth watching , I loved it one video wishing women’s day in so many languages

Life without Woman is incomplete , she provides endless LOVE ………..

It doesn’t matter if a woman is a human or an animal she is very powerful and full of love to spread.

She is the one who thinks about others before herself – A Mother , she is the first person each and every person meets when comes upon earth

A women is incredibly powerful , she have strength and courage . Woman is one who is selfless when it comes to love , Women is protective , she owes a full day 24×7 job with no holidays because of her caring nature .

A woman is kind , she’s Pretty not only physically but more beautiful on the inside

Woman have an Allure , a special charm and is full of Goodness.

A woman comprises of everything in the world , the only thing is that one needs to realize that .

Fact: every person men or women are all firstly females during the stages of development of an embryo.

Here are some Wonderful and Surprising FACTS about , I suggest you must check those out

each woman is powerful , if she doesn’t punish someone means she’s giving a change to get better to someone or to do another mistake so that a double-some of bad to that someone can compensate it and teach a lesson.

Each and every woman is Super Woman

Each and every woman is Good

The only thing is that one{woman} needs to realize that and let that come out…….

and I feel A woman is there in everyone 🙂 male or female , its not only a sex its a Quality .

Let’s decide to be powerful , the best and only Good

Let’s do good , the right and only the correct because remember WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND

I wish everyone A very Happy Women’s Day  , Lets all become Better ……….

This Song dedicated to you On this Women’s Day

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