Happy International Women’s Day 2014 <3

8 Mar

Its a day to celebrate one of the greatest creation of GOD i.e: “Woman ”

Woman – who makes one’s life complete and is full of Emotions

The first thing I saw on this Women’s Day was Google’s International Women’s Day 2014 Doodle and I will have to say it was worth watching , I loved it one video wishing women’s day in so many languages

Life without Woman is incomplete , she provides endless LOVE ………..

It doesn’t matter if a woman is a human or an animal she is very powerful and full of love to spread.

She is the one who thinks about others before herself – A Mother , she is the first person each and every person meets when comes upon earth

A women is incredibly powerful , she have strength and courage . Woman is one who is selfless when it comes to love , Women is protective , she owes a full day 24×7 job with no holidays because of her caring nature .

A woman is kind , she’s Pretty not only physically but more beautiful on the inside

Woman have an Allure , a special charm and is full of Goodness.

A woman comprises of everything in the world , the only thing is that one needs to realize that .

Fact: every person men or women are all firstly females during the stages of development of an embryo.

Here are some Wonderful and Surprising FACTS about , I suggest you must check those out http://www.factslides.com/s-Women

each woman is powerful , if she doesn’t punish someone means she’s giving a change to get better to someone or to do another mistake so that a double-some of bad to that someone can compensate it and teach a lesson.

Each and every woman is Super Woman

Each and every woman is Good

The only thing is that one{woman} needs to realize that and let that come out…….

and I feel A woman is there in everyone 🙂 male or female , its not only a sex its a Quality .

Let’s decide to be powerful , the best and only Good

Let’s do good , the right and only the correct because remember WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND

I wish everyone A very Happy Women’s Day  , Lets all become Better ……….

This Song dedicated to you On this Women’s Day

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Thankyou & Lots of Love

-SSK 🙂 ❤


Dragons Loyalty AWARDdddddddddddd…………

5 Feb

YES its an AWARD and Hence its Gratitude Paying Time 🙂

{Before saying anything else I would like to thank the UNIVERSE for giving me this …….}

I am so Happy and feel Elated on receiving my first Follower’s WordPress Award that too from My First WordPress Friend that I had made when I came here and its “DapperDolly” – http://fashionthatpays.wordpress.com/

I think you should check her Blog :)…..

And I din’t knew anything about this Award when I received it but after checking dapperdolly’s  – blog post addressing everything about award , that was when I understood the true meaning of this award, you too should check her post to find out what this award is really about , as she explained it in full detail :)) actually alot & alot of details.



its an award which is awarded to loyal blog followers and commentators in the other words awarded to people out there who help in make a blogger’s blog much better and at the same time Motivates them to do even better .

Its a way of paying respect to them in my words 🙂

I would rather call them friends than followers and I really love my/the friends who help me get better and inspire me to do more with their comments , advice and appreciations .

I really value all of them and today I THANK each and every person who told me their views & comments , commented and also appreciated me when I did good 🙂

so who so ever receives this award has to follow the following procedure in other words WP kingdom rules [as my presenter said:))] {if they accept the award :)} :-

  • Display the Award Certificate on your website
  • Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
  • Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

So this one is going to be a little hard one THE 7 FACTS ABOUT ME 🙂

  1. I am not one who Appreciates publicly herself and so I think you guys may imagine how hard it would havebeen for me to go through this step :)) .
  2.  This my first wordpress award and I am really thankful for it .
  3. I excessively love and respect all the animals , all of them. I feel they teach us enormous number of things and also helps us notice the things that we humans overlook and take for granted .
  4. I don’t think any of my visitors would be knowing this or not but , I announce it today – and thats , that I started this blog only as a part of some contest where the contestants had to fulfill certain requirements and having a blog was one of those requirements , and the funny part at that time I din’t even knew what blogging was :)) .
  5. I don’t know if anyone would believe this or not but I left all packed foods i.e: chips , packed juices , carbonated / soft drinks , maggi , etc . for almost a year.
  6. I  have a big room full of McDonald’s happy meal Toys :)).and I love to collect Minis i.e:: products that are small really small in size but are replica of their own regular size products .
  7. I really don’t feel proud of this but I wasted two Bags full of World’s Most Expensive Swiss chocolates .


I believe the visitors and the followers really contributes to a blogger’s blog and posts as they are the one specially for whom the posts are made and are also the one who helps in making each better than the previous one And Now its time to forward this award to the beautiful people who love me 🙂 and I love giving 🙂

  • BabaJ

He is the one who always visits my blog read my every blog post and always inspires me to do great work , Thankyou 🙂

  • SantSewakSingh

he is my besti and he always pushes me to write regular good blog posts , Thankyou Sant :).

she is a really good friend of mine on wordpress , who always welcomes my blog posts , Thankyou Dolly.

  • GlennMoon

he is one who always appriciate my Blog Posts , Thankyou GlennMoon.

  • GurRam

You know how you contribute to my posts , Thankyou GurRam.

  • Natasha

when she visited my blog for the first time she commented under a post saying that the post helped her alot and I really appreciate a thing about her that she said she’ll be giving back and as I helped her she would further like to help others aswell – Thats a great attitude i’ll have to say , Thankyou Natasha.

  • Brenton Jared

knowing his views about my blog and my posts really encouraged me to write even better 🙂 as its always really  nice to be doing a thing that others are waiting for , Thankyou Brenton.

  • Zandra Maria

she gave me beautiful advice so that my blog could get what it desirves , Thankyou Maria.

  • Mercy

one who’s a great great person and helps me also become great ,  Thankyou Mercy.

I love my Followers and visitors as they are really the reason behind my every posts , I adore you Thankyou

I thank each and every visitor who ever visited my blog and encouraged me to do even better , each and every one who inspired me to write my post and also whom I might have forgot to mention in the list above , THANKYOU – Thankyou So Much.

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Tasty Healthy Substitute <3

27 Dec

A QUICK , EASY , TASTY and HEALTHY substitute to all your junk and unhealthy food :
its a quick Raw Vegetables Sandwich that anyone can make in no Time and while not using too many stuff , and I am sure everything must be lying somewhere in your kitchen as this recipe is personalized for everyone and includes mostly of your favorite stuff ……

Best of all you may enjoy having it at any time of the Day 🙂

So here we go :

Things needed :






Mayonnaise or Any spread

Salt and Pepper

Multigrain Bread

{these are the things I love in my sandwich}

Procedure :

1. Start with bread , Toast the bread if you like to eat it toasted or just start with a slice out the loaf.

2. Apply the Mayonnaise or Spread what so ever you choose on the bread slice .

3. start to arrange your vegetables as you like , I personally start with cucumber then tomatoes then some onions and then the sprinkle of long sliced capsicum and olives.

4. now its time to sprinkle some seasonings , according to your taste . You may aswell sprinkle some sesame seeds, just to give it a more healthy kick .

5. Put a cheese slice on that or maybe two :)) and also anyother cheese that would like to be in there .

6. last but not the least {as if you don’t do this it won’t complete a sandwich:)) } put the other/second slice over that .

7. {optional} wrap it so that it doesn’t fall out and you are good to go…………

Now the CUSTOMIZED sandwich tip only for you :

You may switch the ingredients or things required according to your choice, tastes and preferences As its all about YOU  . For example : you may choose a bread of your choice , may top it with hummus and some other vegetables of your choices and may use mozzarella , processed or anyother cheese . or maybe like this one :


or you may just simply choose the classic way – a classic cheese and tomato Sandwich {yum}

Its not that , that one always have to stuff his/her sandwich with so much of stuff you may only like one thing in it and its totally fine because you like it the way its been made and it will surely result into a tasty output :)) & I say you must experiment with things then only you’ll find something new .

Thankyou for visiting , taking some time out and reading the post(s)

lots of love

SSK 🙂 ❤

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and enjoy your Sandwich

Vibrant Royal Blue , All Eyes On YOU {o)

23 Nov

Winters are just at the door and like always you must be getting ready:))

ROYAL BLUE always provides a royal and Sophisticated look to almost everyone .

{even blue seen in the R0yal wedding}


Blue the colour of Sky and Water provides peace and serenity to one who sees it & a scene stealer colour …..

It provides a touch of Elegance to the look.

This winter try your Hands on Vibrant Blue ,

work its Charm and secure your place in the spotlight this winter and bring the sophisticated luxurious touch to your wardrobe .

If the clothes eg: a Coat is too much for you and is not your cup of tea Try something like a cap or scarf …..

if not even that just get your hands on Blue Accessories

So what’s that you’ll be trying this winter in Blue ?

Jewelry / hair accessories  ?

Shoes ?


Gloves ? or even something else of your choice ?

or just a Touch of it ?


Wear the royal blue and get all eyes on YOU


-SSK ❤ 🙂

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DENIM – ing It Up

28 Nov

 ”  Nothing beats Denim “

Denims are never neither out of season , nor out of Treand ……

Denims will always be a must in the closet

1. Classic :

                           A classic denim is a must must have in any one’s closet , it always completes one . True blue denim isn’t going anywhere. Light or dark, tailored or with plenty of slouch, the fabric turned iconic ages ago. Update your collection this season with a pair that’s worthy of being lived in .

Tip : pick up an on-trend denim vest to toughen up sweet blouses and frocks .

Denim word don’t only deal in jeans , its also about shirts , dresses , jackets and so on …..

and not only that it looks great when worn .

it gives a different and a new look .

The look received from denim can be soft or edgy , basically it really depends on how its stitched and which fabric has been used .

Celebrity :

It can be worn Anytime of season paired with anything at any Occasion .

Just take care how you are wearing it …..


Graphic florals (whether printed or done in precise needlepoint) are blossoming all over, including on favorite pairs of jeans.

Even the floral jeans are very in …..

Tip :

Embrace the feminine feel by picking a pair in bright colors, or play down the sweetness by going with a deep shade.

Celebrities :



{ Other half of this post , i’ll post soon …… }

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Winters All COAT-ed Up :-)

27 Nov

Holidays Winter , Winter Holidays , Holidays Winter , Winter Holidays,  Holidays Winter …………

and when winters are there it all about Covering

Whats better than coats and blazers for warmth during winters

It gives you the desired look , warmth makes you look like you want to ….

so today i decided to tell you  more about coats its types and more 🙂

COATS are the best way to look FASHIONABLE and at the same time to be WARM enough to fight the cold weather .



Blanket Coats are flowing and loose just like a blanket wrapped over body

Blanket Coat is the best way to get warmth and still it gives a edgy look and with tight upper and lower under it makes it look sexy .

Tip : Wrap one of these styles over a whimsical maxi skirt to capture the free-spirited look.

2. The Collegiate Toggle Coat

There’s something charming and sweet about the toggle-fastened duffle coat, perhaps because of the way Paddington Bear made it look so cute. But this winter’s style exudes a prep school classic appeal, as seen in collections like Rag & Bone and Carven.

Tip : While the silhouette is timeless, make it fresh this season atop a Plaid Miniskirt  and heritage knit.

3. The Faux Fur

faux fur coat  Fall Preview: Miss Selfridge, Autumn/Winter 08

Its a Perfect GLAMOROUS Coat , its rocking runways , streets and everywhere else even many celebrities are spotted wearing these . Its on of the must haves in the wardrobe  for winters . Easy way to Warmth and glamour / fashion .

most of all can be paired with any thing/cloth.

Perfect to wear in Parties .

Fur and skins ruled the runways this fall, but a more affordable and eco-friendly way to get the look is with a plushy faux fur coat.

4. The Princess Coat

Its a GIRLY type of coat , with big bold collars and glossy pattern & buttons in colorful colors.

Also Party wear .

A very retro lady popped up in fall collections from Prada and Miu Miu to Marni and Louis Vuitton , donning a structured topcoat with feminine flair. Emulate her chic spirit in a buttoned-up style with a luxe collar or polished pattern

5. The Parka

An anorak or parka is a type of heavy jacket with a hood , often lined with fur or fake fur so as to protect the face from a combination of freezing temperatures and wind.

For truly surviving the elements— whether in the great outdoors or on the city streets— a trusty parka will do the trick. This year designers like Altuzarra and Vera Wang sent luxe, fur-lined parkas down their runways, giving the once casual outerwear essential a high-fashion spin.

5. The Primary Color Coat / Trench Coat

Who says the winter has to be dreary? One of strongest outerwear trends this season is bold, vibrant color, and what better way to show off your savvy than in a statement coat!

Its the most popular coat worn by celebrities and looks great as might seen worn by Kate Middleton and many other . it gives a taller look and is a must have in the closet .

trench coat or trenchcoat is a raincoat made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton drill or poplin , wool gabardine, or leather. It generally has a removable insulated lining  and it is usually knee-length.

Its the best coat , it changes the whole  look  of the outfit . Being colorful looks good and attractive and makes the mood colorful , playful and fun .

6. The Down Coat

Undoubtedly, the warmest outerwear solution is the down coat, but it’s not always the most stylish. Fortunately, designers like Michael Kros , Alexender Wang and Thakoon endorsed the puffer coat in their fall collections, giving it the resurrection we all hoped it would have.

7. The Pea Coat

A pea coat (or pea jacketpilot jacket) is an outer coat, generally of a navy-colored heavy wool, originally worn by sailors of American and European navies. Pea coats are characterized by broad lapels , double-breasted fronts, often large wooden or metal buttons, and vertical or slash pockets.

its much more towards a casual style .

Today the style is considered a classic, and pea coats are now worn by all manner of individuals. The style has evolved to the addition of hoods.

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How are you ?

8 Aug

Hello 🙂

Hope all my readers are doing good …..

Sorry for not posting since last months

but the good news is that i’ll start posting again and hopefully you’ll like them & find them interesting aswell as Helpfull

i’ll surely be posting as soon as possible 🙂


-SSK:) ❤

S/S 2012 { Hot in TREND , High In FASHION }

15 Apr

Spring & Summers is all about Colours ,

so colorful clothes are a must have in the wardrobe for the spring and summers

they can never go outdated or can never be out of trend/season

but some more specific trend for S/S  2012 are :

1.  The PEPLUM

Screen shot 2012-04-03 at 7.33.10 PM

A peplum is a  frill or plated kind of thing which flows from the waist to the  hips and there can be many types of peplum like: it may be in a skirt , in a dress , in a jacket , etc …..

2. The LACE



LACE is one of the biggest trends now a days , you can see it on celebrities , in street , etc .

It might be worn just as such or even can be worn with a colorful clothing underneath it …..

 3. The FLORAL Pattern{s}



FLORAL  is totally Feminine and make a person look really good , its always very Hot pattern to be worn during summer or Spring . Floral dresses and tops were always there but Now a days Floral pants are also really in .

 These were the top three must have for the season in the wardrobe whereas , there are many other trends which are going high like: Neon colors , Metallic colors , Statement Accessories , Sheer Clothes , Etc ………… 

– SSK 🙂 ❤

Edible Accessories

1 Apr

Heard too much about edible clothes

Right ?

so now lets have a look at Edible Accessories

yes thats true edible accessories :)) , here are some photos :






           – SSK 🙂

Edible/Eatable Yet Good Looking Dresses

1 Apr

Hungry ?


yes Eatable

but its not meant to be eaten where as its meant to be wear

yes these dresses are wearable

Here are some of the Photos of them :

made from TOMATOES

Wedding dress made of CAKE

edible dresses 5 This is making me hungry (15 photos)


Made of LOTUS STEM {Vegetable}

Made from different Fruits & Vegetaables  [like: banana , mushrooms , etc]

edible wedding dress2 550x381 Colombian Chef Creates Edible Wedding Dresses

made of 2,000 sugar-glazed rose petals and champagne clothe

edible dresses 13 This is making me hungry (15 photos)

Ya I know it seems stupid and if funny :)) , but still its real …………

                                                     – SSK 🙂