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Vibrant Royal Blue , All Eyes On YOU {o)

23 Nov

Winters are just at the door and like always you must be getting ready:))

ROYAL BLUE always provides a royal and Sophisticated look to almost everyone .

{even blue seen in the R0yal wedding}


Blue the colour of Sky and Water provides peace and serenity to one who sees it & a scene stealer colour …..

It provides a touch of Elegance to the look.

This winter try your Hands on Vibrant Blue ,

work its Charm and secure your place in the spotlight this winter and bring the sophisticated luxurious touch to your wardrobe .

If the clothes eg: a Coat is too much for you and is not your cup of tea Try something like a cap or scarf …..

if not even that just get your hands on Blue Accessories

So what’s that you’ll be trying this winter in Blue ?

Jewelry / hair accessories  ?

Shoes ?


Gloves ? or even something else of your choice ?

or just a Touch of it ?


Wear the royal blue and get all eyes on YOU


-SSK ❤ 🙂

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