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Tasty Healthy Substitute <3

27 Dec

A QUICK , EASY , TASTY and HEALTHY substitute to all your junk and unhealthy food :
its a quick Raw Vegetables Sandwich that anyone can make in no Time and while not using too many stuff , and I am sure everything must be lying somewhere in your kitchen as this recipe is personalized for everyone and includes mostly of your favorite stuff ……

Best of all you may enjoy having it at any time of the Day 🙂

So here we go :

Things needed :






Mayonnaise or Any spread

Salt and Pepper

Multigrain Bread

{these are the things I love in my sandwich}

Procedure :

1. Start with bread , Toast the bread if you like to eat it toasted or just start with a slice out the loaf.

2. Apply the Mayonnaise or Spread what so ever you choose on the bread slice .

3. start to arrange your vegetables as you like , I personally start with cucumber then tomatoes then some onions and then the sprinkle of long sliced capsicum and olives.

4. now its time to sprinkle some seasonings , according to your taste . You may aswell sprinkle some sesame seeds, just to give it a more healthy kick .

5. Put a cheese slice on that or maybe two :)) and also anyother cheese that would like to be in there .

6. last but not the least {as if you don’t do this it won’t complete a sandwich:)) } put the other/second slice over that .

7. {optional} wrap it so that it doesn’t fall out and you are good to go…………

Now the CUSTOMIZED sandwich tip only for you :

You may switch the ingredients or things required according to your choice, tastes and preferences As its all about YOU  . For example : you may choose a bread of your choice , may top it with hummus and some other vegetables of your choices and may use mozzarella , processed or anyother cheese . or maybe like this one :


or you may just simply choose the classic way – a classic cheese and tomato Sandwich {yum}

Its not that , that one always have to stuff his/her sandwich with so much of stuff you may only like one thing in it and its totally fine because you like it the way its been made and it will surely result into a tasty output :)) & I say you must experiment with things then only you’ll find something new .

Thankyou for visiting , taking some time out and reading the post(s)

lots of love

SSK 🙂 ❤

Love , Like , Share

and enjoy your Sandwich